Certified Tank Closures

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Heating Tank Closures

Clean Asset has become the local expert for Heating (Fuel) Oil Tank services in the Big Bend area. We work closely with local authorities, homeowner associations, local fuel oil providers, and property owners to safely abandon most of these tanks in place and document the closure such that future property transactions are performed with full disclosure to all parties.

This is done in a report of the closure with pictures of each stage that details all actions taken. It is signed and sealed by a Professional Geologist that actually performs the closures.

We have provided more information on these services here.

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Petroleum Systems & Tank Closures

Clean Asset’s partners have been raised in both the petroleum business and the consulting side of the environmental business.  We understand the challenges and importance of decisions that affect property owner’s bottom lines.

Our experience with hundreds of petroleum system closures is that this is a very important time for proper and effective communication between the client, the regulatory agency, and without a doubt the Insurance Company.

This is and always has been our strongpoint, and combined with our experience. Our regulatory relationships, our drive to find innovative ways to save both current and future costs has always exceeded clients expectations.

We perform with our team of specialists:

  • Tank Closure Assessment and Reporting
  • Insurance Services for Underground (UST) & Aboveground (AST) Tanks
  • UST in-place abandonments

Tank Removal and Closure with Dewatering and Groundwater Treatment.

Groundwater was treated through portable air stripping and discharged under a NPDES Permit. 

 Tanks were replaced with a large 30,000 gallon multi-compartment tank.